Tuesday, November 24, 2020
About Us

The group was established in 1955 in Saudi Arabia and Arabian Gulf by the late Eng. Abd El Azim Lokma. The first company was Arab association which considered being one of the biggest contractors in the area. The main activity was mega infrastructure projects. The activity of Lokma group began in Egypt in 1975 with investments in many sectors including Pipes Manufacturing as a core Business.

About Lokma Pipe Division (LPD)

LPD-started with local focal services and by time the group has grown and developed into major diversified sectors qualifying the group to expand globally. Today, LPD offers a wide range of services through its wide range of business sectors. This diversification gives the customer the capability to safeguard all his needs based on optimized cost and support by the latest applied technology available worldwide.

LPD main concern is the customer satisfaction by taking the proper decisions and constantly increasing our Customer’s benefits through professional work and target orientation. The continuance is granted by positive economical result; this promotes us as a reliable business partner to our partners and ensures our business development. 

LPD cares for tomorrow, for strong presence and leadership AWFI should create bases to continue successful operation in market. Setting the course now ensures high qualified and motivated employees in the future. Also, stressing on continuous development and upgrade for our facilities and management systems.

-Leadership in research.
-Optimizing cost while maintaining high quality.
-Strategic expansion in promising markets offering long term opportunities.

-Fulfilling our customers' expectations.
-Providing safe and suitable environment for our employees.
-Maintaining highest standards in all our business practices.
-Respecting and protecting the environment.

Quality Management
The quality management system covers all areas in LPD Business, the comprehensive quality control meets all international standards. Auditors from the accredited certifications are in continuous permanent checking by carrying out all inspection tests granting sustainability in the system’s Quality.

Our News & Events
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Radwan Chairman visit Cipac
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